Durable, efficient software

  • Looking someone to implement your iPhone app?
  • Want a fast C++ desktop app on mac/windows/linux?
  • Protyping a web service on Amazon EC2?
  • Consulting for system design and cost analysis?

About us

Roughsoft LLC is a software consulting and programming company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The founder has worked at companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Dolby, in addition to supporting open-source software by actively being involved in certain projects.

What we do

We provide consulting and implementation on desktop, mobile, and web applications on virtually every consumer platform. We often work remotely on a contract basis. We also produce our own applications, focusing on Mac, Linux, and iOS.


Roughsoft also provides integration for open-source audio and video tools, such as audacity or ffmpeg. These tools can be used directly in an application, or can be set up to handle the uploaded media as a web service.